The Bicycle Diaries

I cycled the eight kilometers from work to home, and cycled back to work the next morning. This was part of ‘Bike to work Day’ at work. This got me thinking about my bicycle-borne adventures, bringing back a flood of memories.

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Ohm @ Avasa – Oriental Cuisine in a Delightful Ambiance

Avasa, viagra 100mg located bang in the middle of HITEC city, urticaria has been beckoning us for a while. We hadn’t heard any reviews of the food there, sales and really hadn’t considered it before […]

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Blackbuck Resort Vilaspur – Idyllic Weekend Getaway from Hyderabad

Vidya and I spent a delightful three days at the Jungle Lodges at Vilaspur. It was a wonderful experience, more about and we hope to do it again sometime. The Drive We drove from Hyderabad […]

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Temple Run

A temple in a crocodile-infested swamp. Killer beasts, devilish traps and only a single path to run down – a piece of fiction based on the addictive game.

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Narsapur – A Birding Trip Report

We went birding to Narsapur, and ended up watching an ant parade, having a close encounter with a mouse, being deafened by cicadas and entertained by hornbills. Not to mention the wild boar and the bonnet macaques!

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