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Birds from my Balcony

Sparrows – those ubiquitous birds that thronged our childhoods – are rapidly disappearing today. After trying for a few weeks, I finally saw the one-legged sparrow who lives in my neighbourhood, and had the privilege of taking a few pictures of him. This blog post was the result.

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Birding at Anantagiri Hills

Went birding in Anantagiri Hills this morning. It is 88 kilometers from my place in Hafeezpet, and Ajith and I drove down. We made an early start, leaving at 5 in the morning. The roads […]

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Morning at the Lotus Pond

An early morning walk around the Lotus Pond – Ajith and I have been planning this for a while, and managed to make it happen today. We set out early (by my standards that is!) […]

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Jungle Lodges – KGudi

We just came back from a short, but nevertheless long-anticipated-with-relish, holiday to Bangalore and the Jungle Lodges Resort at Kyathadevarayangudi – KGudi for short. The resort itself is right inside the Biligiri Ranganna Hills Wildlife […]

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Pics of Chicks!

Heh heh! Finally, I get to post pics of chicks on my blog. Just my luck – I get a chance to get some fantastic close ups of the two chicks who have been camping […]

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