The Fish Tank It all started when I got a glass tank dead cheap in the second-hand store. The man in the store seemed glad to get rid of it... A Prince Returns We had spent the last seven days travelling through the Deep South of Tamil Nadu. For us, generic it was a dream come true. We had always wanted to do this sort of thing - travel rough, use only what the locals used for travel... Water, water... The scarcity of water was nothing new to Madhavan. He had been born and brought up in Chennai. Different people had different means to get water... The Power and the Glory Sixteen months of rigourous training and lightning reflexes made sure she tumbled and landed on her knees, upright and weapon at the ready for action... The Haunting This was a very strange thing that was happening. I went over what I had done over the last few days. I could not put my finger on any event that could have triggered off this haunting... Tales of the T-Man The T-man lives a life of adventure - even a short walk to the corner shop to get cigarettes seems to land him in an interesting situation. Sometimes, he takes pity on me and narrates some of his adventures to me. Some of these, I remember enough to put down. For the sake of maintaining their narrative integrity, and partly because I’m too lazy to create a contextual web, the stories will be told in the first person. So, here are the Amazing Tales of the T-man.