The Dark Poem

Sperm-drench'd balls of flesh Floating in a fevered mire Of thought. The flotsam of a nightmare. A pool of fright Surrounded by jungles of doubt. The darkness of lust The brightness of destruction The vomitus of a crazed mind Driven to the edge Teetering on the brink Of an eternity of nothingness Darkness regurgitated From What was once light Or was thought to be. A sickly light, The pallor of a rotting corpse. The fever passes Out comes the sun. The Light returns. The storms of doubt and fear, turn into gentle healing breezes. The mind clears And all is well. But the pause Is but momentary. The relapse is worse it cripples. The storms return, The ghosts of yesterday Avenge their defeat. Demons go wild In the mind Crazed again. As the fever strikes And all tethers break. The line is crossed The Breaking Point has come What soothed yesterday terrifies today Yesterday's balm is poison today Love, hate Lust, greed Deceit, sorrow Truth, falsehood All become one And the fire is quenched The mind ceases.