Shakespearean Lullaby

One pencil A little piece of paper Stand between Me and sleep Hypnos pursues My trusty pencil Fights to Keep him off. The paper Patiently bears My scribblings Hypnos still pursues The mind staggers 'Neath the weight Of heavy slumber And yet, I fight... The monotone Drags me under The mire of sleep Blessed sleep. No lullaby Worked so well As Shakespeare Taught so ill. Cato and Strato Voluminus and Lucilius Pass before me In a hazy dream. And the Ghosts Of Caesar and Of Shakespeare Collectively groan No Opiate was Or is as powerful As this ordeal Making one drowsy. Sinking into the depths Of deep and mighty Slumber, I Struggle. Futility. Chloroform and Laughing gas Are great But greater still Is Shakespeare class. Here shall I stop. The time is come To give up the fight And accept fate.