I have been "unblogged" for the past few days. A quick post to break the impasse. I got 149 spam comments today - looks like I was not alone! Stumbled across Mailinator, an interesting way to beat spammers! Unique wildlife has evolved on many Pacific Islands, and there is a drive to preserve them - which seems to be against the very change that drove them to evolve into what they are. More thoughts in this vein when I have the time to give them shape. People spending a bomb on their cellphones are carrying their toys to the grave - literally! "[Geraint Jones] was undone after aiming to sweep and then changing his mind at roughly the same time as the ball was acquainting itself with his off-stump." Great report on yesterday's India-England Plaha starrer on the Guardian. And that's the least of what's keeping me off the blog! 😉
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