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The Bicycle Diaries

I cycled the eight kilometers from work to home, and cycled back to work the next morning. This was part of ‘Bike to work Day’ at work. This got me thinking about my bicycle-borne adventures, bringing back a flood of memories.

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Ohm @ Avasa – Oriental Cuisine in a Delightful Ambiance

Avasa, troche located bang in the middle of HITEC city, buy has been beckoning us for a while. We hadn’t heard any reviews of the food there, store and really hadn’t considered it before for […]

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Blackbuck Resort Vilaspur – Idyllic Weekend Getaway from Hyderabad

Vidya and I spent a delightful three days at the Jungle Lodges at Vilaspur. It was a wonderful experience, click and we hope to do it again sometime. The Drive We drove from Hyderabad to […]

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Via Milano – Italian Comfort Food

Good Italian food in a great ambiance at a reasonable cost. I recommend trying it out today!

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Inception – A Must-watch!

Never before has a movie engaged my mind so much, for so long, and so deliciously. Christopher Nolan thoroughly deserves all the praise that has been heaped on him. My personal wonderment is at his […]

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