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The Bicycle Diaries

I cycled the eight kilometers from work to home, and cycled back to work the next morning. This was part of ‘Bike to work Day’ at work. This got me thinking about my bicycle-borne adventures, bringing back a flood of memories.

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Corn on the Cob!

We had corn on the cob today, even though it was not raining! For some strange reason, corn on the cob and rains seem to belong together. When we were growing up, homemade corn was […]

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One thing that never fails to move me is rain. And it has been raining – there have been all kinds of rain, from pouring bucketsful to a light misting rain that nevertheless manages to […]

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November Rain

I know it’s not November, and it’s definitely not raining. It’s in fact really, really hot. I was listening to November Rain, and I was taken back in time by a memory – one of […]

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