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Temple Run

A temple in a crocodile-infested swamp. Killer beasts, devilish traps and only a single path to run down – a piece of fiction based on the addictive game.


Flux and uncertainity certainly do not seem to aid writing! Such has been my state in the past few weeks, mind and a result, try Blogocenticity has remained unupdated. I was about to write that the […]

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Current Affairs

Sunday afternoon and Vidya was at the parlour. I was watching something nondescript on TV and trying hard to keep awake. The doorbell rang. I blearily stumbled to the door and opened it to find […]

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Game 7 – Earliest Memory

My earliest memory is the smell of rain. Running outside to play in the puddles. Making people figures out of the wet mud. I must have been two or three then.

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Game 6 – Food Plan!

Okay, after seeing Cricket win Game 5, i have been galvanized into action. The fact that this one has to do with food has nothing to do with the galvanizing. Really! It’s a quarter to […]

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